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Perioperative services have been highlighted in various reports from visiting medical teams to the Pacific Islands, as an area of concern. There have been several attempts to address perioperative nursing training from various interested groups but these have been conducted in isolation and in an ad-hoc manner. Strengthening Specialised Clinical Services in the Pacific (SSCSiP) is working with stakeholders to improve the delivery of perioperative services in PICs.

SSCSiP engaged Health Education & Learning Partnership LTD, an Australian Perioperative company to develop a minimum set of perioperative standards that would support the provision of a safe environment for surgery in PICS.  The minimum standards were identified as the Pacific Perioperative Practice Bundle (PPPB) which was developed around concepts of effective infection prevention and control practices in the perioperative environment.  The proposed PPPB consisted of the following draft standards: – PPB 1 – Hand Hygiene, PPB 2 – Perioperative Attire, PPB 3 – Aseptic Technique, PPB 4 – Protective Apparel, PPB 5 – Scrubbing, Gowning and PPB 5 – Gloving and Skin Preparation

The working group consisted of 9 senior OT nurses who spent from 8 to 25 years in an OT and included 2 nurse educators and 2 nurses with a PG certificate in perioperative nursing. The working group reviewed each of the standards based on their applicability to the pacific context.

The Pacific Perioperative Practice Bundle (PPPB) will be available to countries in January 2016.