HRH planning & development

Facilitating skill development and career enhancement for health workers by strengthening country level HRH planning and inter-country coordination, and by facilitating and maintaining linkages with academic and health training institutions

November 8th & 9th 2015 - Radiology Lecture Series

Dr Patrick Luckey and Dr Suresh de Silva from Radiology across Borders conducted a series of lectures and private tutorials on diagnostics and techniques for the local radiologists in Fiji.

November 2nd - 27th 2015 – Honorary Gastroenterology Fellow

Dr Aminiasi Rokocakau from CWMH, Fiji underwent an intensive endoscopy training program at selected hospitals in Canberra, Melbourne and Geelong. The training concentrated on gastroscopy and colonoscopy skills with more focus to interventional endoscopy.

November 2nd – 6th 2015 – Vanuatu country visit and medical education training

A jointly funded visit between the Vanuatu Government, Kiribati Intern Training Project (KITP) and SSCSiP resulted in training of the local consultants, registrars and nurses in medical education, updating the doctor’s database and discussions on areas of need.

23rd October 2015 – Laser Safety Course Medical Lasers in the Operating Suite

Dr Alfredo Adams of TTMH, Samoa attended 1 day training at Auckland City Hospital, NZ in anticipation of a new lithotripsy machine that NHS Samoa was purchasing.

August 31st – 6th September 2015 - PNG Medical Symposium and Anaesthetists Meeting

Anaesthetist Dr Kaeni Agiomea of HRH, Solomon Islands made a presentation on Obstetrics Challenges and Experience in the Solomon Islands, in line with the theme of Safe Obstetric Anaesthesia.  Dr Kaeni recommends that more collaboration should be encouraged with the PNG colleagues.

August 27th & 28th 2015 - International Emergency Care Conference

Emergency Medicine Trainee Dr Agape Amitiunai of Samoa attended the International Emergency Care Conference in Melbourne Australia. The theme of the conference was International Emergency Care 101:- The Essentials; which provided delegates with the practical tools and crucial information to support the development of emergency care globally.

August 24th - 29th 2015 – Dental Equipment Training

Eight biomedical technicians from Fiji, Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and FNU participated in a Dental Equipment Servicing Training.. Four dental officers from FNU and six dental officers from the Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services participated in the End-User training for dental equipment. Training was conducted by Mr Richie Bower, through The Medical Room.

August 2015 – Coronary angiography (excluding angioplasty/stenting) and cardiac pacing fellowship

Dr Bharatvansh Bali from CWMH, Fiji departed for Auckland for a 1 year attachment in cardiology training at Auckland, Middlemore and North Shore hospitals working under the supervision of a NZ Cardiologist.

July 13th – August 7th 2015 – 8th Annual Endoscopy Training

The 8th annual WGO Suva endoscopy training was held from the 13th July to the 7th August 2015 with 14 doctors and nurses from Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands, RMI, Vanuatu and Nauru joining 15 other participants making it one of the largest trainings held so far. It was an intensive month of practical hands-on training, supervised by experienced international and local trainers’ which was held in the new “state of the art” endoscopy suite based at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.

June 2015 – Mammography Training Attachment

Dr Ana Akauola from Vaiola Hospital in Tonga attended a 1 month training attachment organized by Lake Imaging Geelong. Since returning to Tonga there has been on-going mammography services available at Vaiola Hospital.

May 10th & 12th 2015 - Clinical Ultrasound & Ultrasound Technology Seminar

Consultant Physician Dr Zaw Aung of the Cook Islands attended a Clinical Ultrasound & Ultrasound Technology Seminar in Hamilton, NZ. He was in NZ for his second residential and attachment to Dunstan Hospital, in completion of his PGC in Clinician Performed Ultrasound training.

March 19th – 21st March 2015 – Keyhole Approaches to Brain Tumours – A hands on cadaveric course

The local neurosurgeon Dr Alan Biribo from MOH Fiji attended a 3 day course in neuroendoscopy, which has enabled him to refresh his knowledge, keep abreast with developments in neurosurgery and network with neurosurgeons from the Australasian region.

March 9th -13th 2015 – Solomon Islands Country Visit and Medical Education Training.

A jointly funded visit between the Solomon Islands Government, Kiribati Intern Training Project (KITP) and SSCSiP resulted in training of the local consultants and registrars in medical education, testing of ultrasound equipment, updating the doctor’s database and discussions on areas of need.

February 16th to 19th 2015 - Advanced Airway & Beyond BASIC Mechanical Ventilation Training

Anaesthetists from Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Kiribati joined their Fiji colleagues for an intensive 4 day training exercise. The doctors were able to refresh their knowledge and skills which was very beneficial for Anaesthetists working in isolation.

January 12th to 16th 2015 – Endoscopy Nurse Training at Vila Central Hospital, Vanuatu

Endoscopy nurse Maraia Ratumaiyale from Suva Endoscopy Centre at CWMH, Fiji teamed up with Dr Mai Ling Perman to conduct training for selected nurses at Vila Central hospital on proper cleaning, handling and preparation of gastroenterology scopes.

January 2015 – Echo Training for nurses and doctors at Tungaru Central Hospital, Kiribati

Senior Sonographer Ms Sera Rayasidamu of CWMH, Fiji provided training for a medical officer, 3 nurses and the local sonographer at Tungaru Central Hospital. The training aimed to provide the local staff with the knowledge and skill to use the newly acquired echo-machine to identify significant RHD cases.